Friday, 19 July 2013

Custom Poker Chips can be Personalized with your Business Logos

Why are where these poker chips are utilized? By the name we can imagine these products are specially
used for the game Poker and playing cards at Royal Casinos.  These products are the right solution for Poker players. This poker is an entertainment game which can be played with friends and family too. In order to represent the denomination in the form of cash these Custom Poker Chips are essentially designed for playing poker. With lots of benefits these products are utilized for playing as well as perfect promotional products for business awareness. In olden days people used different small items from the material like wood, clay, and even gold to treat as coins or denominations. Well these are used as tokens for the particular game. For handling loads of money in hands these products decrease some certain problems. For clear identification and recognition these poker chips are available in various colors. Observe each color represents the equivalent worth of money. 

Some casinos runes their personalized poker chips in the form of gold nuggets, coins and other valuable materials which are laudable. Make sure and study this poker is perfectly rich and royal game played and prefer for authenticity. 

Are you interested with these chips for worthy. Then you should know by which material these chips are manufactured. With the composition these are classified into 3 types: ABS, composite, and clay. Let us go through the specifications.

In general these ABS Chips are typically made with the hard plastic which are compressed and molded as for personalized shaping. Study most of the Personalized Poker Chips are round in shape but varied with different patterns and logos. As per requirement you may customize your logo as a graphic which can be printed directly on these products. With more durability and less cost, these are available in the present market like Puzzles
Composite Chips are made from the fine mixture of clay and plastic. As above graphics logos can be printed on a label. The main advantages of these products are less slick compared with ABS. Moreover these are fairly inexpensive. 

In the world most of the poker players love to choose these clay chips which are pretty attractive. With expensive clay materials these clay poker chips appear for the classy look. Some of the natural materials used for clay chips are sand, calcium carbonate, chalk, clay.

As price compared with  ABS products the clay chips are more expensive material. I would like to share another widely used chip which is made with a plastic substance which are very popular. Actually in the 1940s these plastic chips were manufactured and widely became as poker chips products. Even now also these plastic chips are available at supermarkets and department stores.


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  2. I also personally like clay and custom poker chips. These types of poker chips are great which can be personalized with the business logos. Thanks for sharing the post.

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