Monday, 26 August 2013

Custom Beer Mugs a Convenient Marketing Tool for any Business

In market there are different kinds of mugs, cups and Stein which are utilized in many ways.  Most of the people love to collect Puppets and put these as their home decor.  Observe that these mugs are very popular for gift exchanges, and other occasions for the beloved one or for office purpose. 

There are three types of drinking containers for any beverages:

MUG: It is a perfect drinking vessel where it looks in the shape of cylindrical with a handle grip for extra handling.

CUP: This can be explained with a small bowled like shaped vessel with a handle. This is especially for taking the beverages like tea, coffee. Observe that it is a perfectly matched with a saucer as an advantage for drinking.

STEIN: It is a perfect container where for only beer where you can observe a lid on the top of the container.

Playing Cards are the perfect wonderful gift for a family member. For birthday friend who loves to drink alcoholic beverages like beer etc beer mugs are perfect. Observe that these mugs mostly come with the materials like ceramic and pewter where some are made with the glass. 

Beer Glass Sizes

These Personalized Beer Mugs come comes with many designed and sizes varying from the 11 ounce and further larger also. According to the manufactures a perfect standard bottle of beer has 12.5 ounces of liquid where to fit in a mug.

Most of the beautiful looking glass of beer is available up to 350 ml where a total beer can be poured. It is great for someone who likes a tipple at home or for someone to keep at their local bar so they can drink out of their own special drinking vessel.

In present market these are the available Beer glassware items like wheat beer glasses, pint glasses, beer mugs, Pilsner glass. These will all come under beer glasses only but designed for the royal richness with their social status. Mostly you observe these engraved beer mugs in bars, clubs, and even at rich homes.
The pint glasses which are usually made with thick glass where to look like short and stout appearance. It holds up to 16 ounces of beer. It is best for pitcher beer by ordering. A Pilsner and wheat beer glasses will appear tall where a flared lip can be highlighted for looking. This type of long glass will hold up to 10 ounces of beverage. 

These Custom Beer Mugs an fantastic gift for any occasion, event, or happening in the lives of your friends and family. Like This would be the perfect promotional gift where you can customize by designing a logo or brand image of any manufacturing company.

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